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Soleimani met with the director of Kish Free Zone / The beginning of the transformation in the first sport of Kish but the deprived one

At today's meeting, the launch of Paddle's sport in Kish Island, and the construction of at least one glass court with world class, and accelerated the process of rebuilding of the current venues of the region, was discussed

The president of the Squash Federation said: "During my presidency in the federation, Kish has twice hosted the Asian Championship and has been a well-known host in the professional and international Squash Persian Gulf championships every year, hoping to come forward. Today's meeting has witnessed the repetition and revival of past successes of the Kish and even beyond that may be the big host of the world in the near future

Dr. Mozaffari, director of the Kish Free Zone, emphasized the importance of sports on the island and the status of the Kish squash courts, During the meeting, he conducted his effective follow-up with frequent contacts, and the restoration of the squash courts was made as soon as possible, and the issue of the two Paddle's court and one of the glass Courts in Kish, with a positive view, and the action may be resulted in attracting Sports Tourisms more than any other country in the world