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Head Coach of National Team

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The head coach of the squash team was introduced Ziyaeddini had chosen as the head coach of the national squash With the order of Massoud Soleimani, the new head coach of the national squash team of Iran was elected

According to the official site of the Squash Federation, Massoud Qara Ziyaeddini had elected as the new national team head coach by Massoud Soleimani, president of the Squash Federation.

Ziyaeddini was the former coach of the Iranian national team, along with Seyyed Alireza Sanai and Seyed Mohammad Hussein Sanai.former coache had been provided a lot of national services, as well as holding the position of expert of the federation, world class instructor of squash and the highest level of coaching.besides, He has a Master of Science in Sports Physiology

It should be noted that in another order, Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Sanayi was appointed as the technical adviser of the federation for the national team