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West Asian Squash Federation





Chapter 1: Definitions, Headquarter, Objectives

Chapter 2: Membership

Chapter 3: Organization of West Asian Squash Federation

Chapter 4: Congress

Chapter 5: General Assembly

Chapter 6: Extra Ordinary General Assembly

Chapter 7: Executive Committee

Chapter 8: Honorary Awards and Merits

Chapter 9: Financial Affairs

Chapter 10: Official Competitions of WASF




Following definitions and abbreviations are used in the Statutes:

WASF: West Asian Squash Federation

NSA: National Squash Federation

Statutes: Statutes of WASF

Congress: Congress of WASF

EC: Executive Committee of the Federation elected by the General Assembly

President: President of WASF

Secretary General: Secretary General of WASF




Chapter One:

Name, Headquarter, Objectives


Article 1: West Asian Squash Federation called hereafter WASF is a regional entity of Asian Squash Federation and is authorized under the rules and regulations of this Statutes and decisions of the General Assembly.

Article 2: Main Headquarter of the WASF shall be in the country from which the President and Secretary General are elected.

Article 3: Objectives

Objectives of WASF are:

·        Organizing Managing the Squash in West Asia

·        Promoting, developing and supporting the Squash in the region and in all member countries

·        Developing the security and physical and spiritual health and utilizing it in all activities of Squash

·        Planning, organizing and establishing the WASF Squash events

·        Establishing the friendship relationship amongst the member countries and strengthening it.

·        Close cooperation with concerned international bodies and organizations specially with ASF

Article 4: Neutrality

WASF does not allow any kind of racial, religious, political segregation or violation will happen in all Squash events. All member countries shall develop the Olympic values such as fair play, Excellence, Respect and Friendshipthrough Squash.

Article 5: Honorary Activities

All benefits coming through activities of WASF officials shall be evaluated based on the Ethics Code of ASF.

Chapter 2: Membership

Article 6: Composition

6-1: All members of OCA West Asia Zone shall be the members of WASF.

6-2:  All WASF members must have been known as the recognized members of ASF.

Article 7: Acceptance

7-1: National Federations of West Asia might be accepted as the WASF members.

7-2: Just one Federation from each country is allowed to be accepted as the WASF member.

7-3: The National Federations who are interested to be member of WASF must have been by the NOC or other official recognized sport organization of the concerned country.

7-4: Any National Federation that is not member of ASF but is located in a near geographical region is allowed to be member of WASF in the case of ASF approval.


Article 8: Membership Process

8-1: The new established federations that are interested to be member of WASF must submit their written request two month prior to General Assembly Meeting.

8-2: The interested members shall send two copies of their statutes attached with the official application letter to WASF.

8-3: The General Assembly will make the final decision on a new member.

8-4: In the case of acceptance, the member Federation must respect the WASF Statutes and decisions of General Assembly and must pay the annual membership fee in accordance with Article 64.


Article 9: Presence in General Assembly

9-1: Membership Applications Evaluation

The membership application must be considered by the executive committee, in the case of its necessity one of executive committee members may be appointed as an observer to provide an assessment report on the activities and status of interested national federation.

9-2: The Executive Committee is allowed to accept the new member and propose it to the General Assembly for final approval.


Article 10: Membership Process in WASF

All interested members are obliged to pay the membership fees and other dues to WASF and start the membership application process with permission of President. The membership process will take maximum three months. Within this time the member NA is not allowed to attend any event of WASF. Upon approval of the membership by General Assembly the new member will be announced by the President of WASF.

Article 11: Suspended Federations

11-1: The NAs who will not pay the membership and other dues to WASF may be automatically suspended. The members may be suspended for the reasons written in article 12.

11-2: Suspension Consequences

·        The suspended member will not have the voting right in General Assembly

·        The suspended member will not have the right to host or attend any WASF event


Article 12: Expel

12-1: Expel Process

Expel of any member may be happen for each reason written in 12-2 based on the approval of General Assembly.


A)           Abusing of the WASF rules

B)           Threatening and harming the benefits of WASF and its members

C)           Being inattentiveness to the activities and programs of WASF

D)          Showing violent and aggressive behavior to the officials of WASF or other members

E)            Non-fulfillment of financial obligations

F)            Non-fulfillment of obligationsagainst WASF

G)          Participation in illegal activities

H)          Non-fulfillment of anti doping obligations

I)              Participation in activities that are not in the line with fair play

12-3: Expel by General Assembly

General Assembly is the highest decision making body for expelling a member from WASF. The expelled member can submit its written justification report prior to the General Assembly meeting.

Article 13: Re-acceptance of Member

13-1: Re-acceptance Process of Member

Re-acceptance of member is possible just based on the conditions of Articles 8 and 8.

13-2: If a Federation would be expelled due to financial problems, must pay all dues and concerned obligations to be re-accepted.


Chapter 3

WASF Organization

Article 14: Administration Structure of WASF

Administration structure of WASF defined for running and controlling this Sport in the region is as follow:

·        General Assembly (GA)

·        Executive Committee (EC) (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, 4 members)

·        Board of Directors

·        Technical, Education and Coaching, Referee, Competition, Seeding, Medical and Research Committees

·        Treasurer

·        Inspectors





Chapter Four: Congress

Article 15: Composition of congress

The congress is held usually per year one time and includes the General Assembly Meeting, Executive Committee, Meetings of the committees. Alongside with the congress other meetings may be held as well.

Article 16: Organization and date

16-1: The date and venue of congress shall be determined by the General Assembly one year prior to the congress

16-2: Date and venue of congress as well as the other necessary information shall be circulated amongst the members at least five month prior to the Congress

16-3: The hosting country must observe the rules and regulations of WASF.


Chapter 5: General Assembly

Article 17: Nature of General Assembly

General Assembly is the highest body of the WASF for adopting the rules and making the decisions.

Article 18: Composition

General Assembly consists of high ranking officials of the member federations, members of executive committee and honorary members of WASF.


Article 19: Majority of the General Assembly

For approving the decisions at least 50 percent of all members must be present in the General Assembly Meeting.


Article 20: Duties of General Assembly

·        Establishing the proper and required policies for achieving the goals and objectives of WASF.

·        Revising and making any change to the Statutes

·        Presenting the reports on the activities and performance of WASF prior to the end of the current year

·        Electing the President of WASF

·        Electing the chairperson and members of the committees

·        Approving the annual budget and financial planning

·        Approving the financial statement of last year

·        Considering the financial inspectors reports

·        Approving the membership fee

·        Making decision on New members and expelled members

·        Holding the elections for following positions every four years

-         Member of Executive Committees (President, Vice-President, Head of the Technical Committees, Education and Coaches, Referees, Competition, Seeding, Research and Medical)

-         Electing the Inspectors

-         Electing the Treasurer

·          Determining the date and venue of next General Assembly

·          Considering the proposals and comments received from Members and Executive Board

·          Awarding the Honorary Merits


Each committee has at least 3 members who shall be nominated by the Head of Committees:


Article 21: Date and Venue

·        The meetings of General Assembly must be held each year.

·        The date of venue of each General Assembly must be determined and approved in the meetings of GA.

·        Every interested member for hosting the General Assembly shall present its official written request to the Secretariat of WASF to be included in the agenda of General Assembly


Article 22: Force Majeure Affairs of Executive Committee

If the hosting member will not be able to organize the General Assembly for any reason, the Executive Committee shall determine the venue and date of the GA meeting.


Article 23: Announcement of Meeting

Secretary General is the responsible for organizing the General Assembly. The date, venue and program of the meeting shall be circulated by Secretary General amongst the members through email, fax, post mail or any other communication means. This announcement must be sent to the members two months prior to the meeting.



Article 24: Participating Delegations

Each member is allowed to nominate one official representative, one interpreter (in the case of its necessity) for attending the General Assembly. At least one month prior to General Assembly the name list of the delegations in which the voting officials are presented must be sent for the Secretary General.


Article 25: Concealed Meetings

The meetings of the General Assembly shall be held in closed rooms with presence of members, officials of the WASF, honorary members and other required individuals just with the permission of President.


Article 26: Documents needed to be sent to the members of GA

The following documents shall be sent for Members, Technical, Referee, Education and Coaching, Competition, Research and Medical Committees as well as the honorary members at least one month prior to the General Assembly Meeting:

·        Report of President

·        Reports of the Committees

·        The financial programs of each year

·        The report of the Financial Inspector

·        Financial Statement

·        Agenda

·        Received proposals and recommendations from members

·        Elections forms and documents

·        Name list of candidates for each position

·        Other concerned documents



Article 27: Agenda

27-1: The agenda of the General Assembly shall be determined by the Executive Board and submitted to Secretary General prior to the General Assembly.


27-2: Agenda

The agenda shall consist of following items:

1-    Official opening

2-    Roll Call

3-    Approving the items of agenda

4-    Report of the President

5-    Report of the Vic-President

6-    Report of the Secretary General

7-    Report of the Committees (Technical, Education and Coaching, Referees, Competitions, Medical, Research and Seeding)

8-    Approving the minutes of the former meeting

9-    Approving the financial programs of each half year

10-  Approving the Financial Statement

11-  Determining the biennial membership fee

12-  Accreditation, registration, Suspensions and expels

13-  Elections (each four years) for: President, Vice-President, Members of the Executive Committee, Chairpersons of Committees

14-  Appointing inspector for elections

15-  Appointing financial inspector and Treasurer

16-  Determining the venue and date of next General Assembly

17-  Recommendations

18-  Honorary Rewards

19-  Miscellaneous


Article 28: President

28-1: After election of the President by the GA members, an assignment letter shall be issued for him on behalf of ASF.

28-2: Running of GA meetings is entrusted to the President. In the absence of President, the Vice-President shall bear his/her duties. In case none is available, the secretary general or one of executive committee members shall take over through a written warranty.


Article 29: Elections

29-1: The President

The General Assembly shall elect a President, who will serve for four years, from among the candidates.

29-2: Vice-President

The General Assembly shall elect from among the candidates put forward by the members for four years. After election of the Vice-President by the GA members, an assignment letter shall be issued for him on behalf of ASF.


29-3: Four Executive Board Members

After electing the President, he/she can supervise on the elections of Vice-President and four members of Executive Board. The candidates with greatest number of votes will be declared as the winners.

29-4: Head of the Committees(Technical, Education and Coaching, Referees, Competitions, Medical, Research and Seeding)shall be elected as per the elections of President and board members with the majority of votes. Two members of the committees shall be elected after the elections of Chairpersons of the Committees.

29-5: Committee Members:Each committee has two members whom shall be elected by the GA members.



30: Candidacy

The specifications of the candidates have been described in articles 28-1 to 28-6:

30-1: The candidates’ name list shall be sent by the member federations two months prior to the GA meeting.

30- Recommendations:

30-1 The members of GA must send their desired recommendations to the Secretary General three month prior to AG to be included in the agenda.

30-2: The recommendations will be voted.  If the country who has submitted the recommendation will not be present in the GA meeting the concerned recommendation shall not be considered.

Article 31: Voting

Following rules are used for voting in General Assembly:

31-1: Voting Right

Just Member Federations have the right to vote in General Assembly. Officials of WASF can attend as the representative of their country in some special cases, of course with written request of their Federation.

The members who have paid their membership fee and have rendered their financial obligations are allowed to attend the voting.

31-2: Each member Federation has just one vote in General Assembly.

In other meetings of WASF each member has just one vote. In the case of equity of votes, the vote of President shall be penetrating.

31-3: The elections shall be held by Secret Ballots.


31-4: Voting by hand

In other meetings except elections, the votes shall be given by raising the hand, unless the present members request the secret ballots voting.

31-5: The required majority for approving the WASF legal are as follow:

·        Rules and Regulations                                           4/5 Majority of Votes

·        Acceptance or Re-acceptance of Members    2/3 Majority of Votes

·        Expel of Members                                                  2/3 Majority of Votes

·        Increasing the membership fee                         2/3 Majority of Votes

·        Revision of the Statutes                                        Majority of Votes

·        Election                                                                     Majority of Votes


Chapter 6: Extra Ordinary General Assembly

Article 32: Announcement

32-1: Executive Committee every time that recognizes WASF needs to hold the Extra Ordinary General Assembly, the Extra Ordinary GA meeting shall be held.

32-2: After receiving the 1/3 of voting members, the Executive Committee must organize the meeting within four months.

32-3: The request written and official signed and sealed letter of members shall be sent for WASF Secretary General.

32-4: The costs of holding the General Assembly must be bear by the applicant federations.


Article 33: Venue, Date and Agenda

33-1: Invitations must be sent for members 30 days prior to the Meeting.

33-2: Just the requested items must be included in the agenda.

33-3: Invitation must be sent in written format via current communication means.


Chapter 7: Executive Committee

Article 34: General Duties

Executive Committee is the responsible for administration, financial management and current daily issues of WASF.

Article 35: Composition

·        President

·        Vice-President

·        Four Members

·        Secretary General

·        Seven Chairpersons of Committees (Technical, Education and Coaching, Referees, Competitions, Medical, Research and Seeding)

Article 36: Quorum of Meetings

The decision made by the Executive Committee must be approved by the majority of the present members.

Article 37: Responsibilities

37-1: Executive Committee is sole executive body of WASF for managing and controlling all current issues WASF.

37-2: Supervision and Control on activities of Secretary General

37-3: Providing the Financial Rules and Regulations to be approved by General Assembly

37-4: In the case of absence of some required rules, the Executive Committee shall manage the concerned issues, until the said rules will be approved by the GA.

37-5: Executive Committee shall provide the agenda of GA and considers the recommendations of members

37-6: Making decision on hosting the WASF competitions by the members

Article 38:Executive Board members are elected for four years.

Article 39: Meetings

At least one official meeting of Executive Committee shall be held with majority of members per year. In the case of its necessity some other required meetings can be held with permission of President or based on the request of majority of Members.


 Article 40: Meeting Responsibility

President makes supervision on board activities. In the case of his absence, the vice-president shall bear his/her duties. In case none is available one of present members shall take over the duties.


Article 41: Secretary General

41-1: President of WASF can nominate the Secretary General from own his country to be approved by the Executive Committee. This decision shall be approved finally by General Assembly.

41-2: Secretary General is responsible for all executive and current issues of the WASF and following up the approved items and decisions taken by the General Assembly and Executive board will be executed accordingly.

Article 42: Minutes

42-1: The minutes shall be provided in English by the head of WASF secretariat.

42-2: The minutes shall be sent to members within 20 days after the meeting to be confirmed. If there would not be any comment the minute will be confirmed automatically.

42-3: The agenda of meetings shall be sent to members at least 30 days prior to meetings.

Article 43: Expenses for official missions

43-1: National Federations are responsible for the expenses of their delegate’s participation in Executive Board Meetings.

43-2: If a mission will be given to one of members by the President, the WASF is the responsible for the mission expenses of the said delegate.

Article 44: Absence

If a member will not participate consecutively in two official meetings of Executive Committee or will not attend randomly the three meetings of Executive Board within four year term of service, he/she will be expelled automatically from Executive Board. The replaced member shall be elected in next GA meeting.

Article 45: President

45-1: President is elected by the GA and is the highest executive official of WASF.


45-2: Duties and responsibilities

President is the highest official of the GA and Executive Committee and is responsible for all executive affairs of WASF. He will authorize all official meetings of the WASF and shall follow up all issues concerned with GA and Executive Committee.




Article 46: Vice-President

Vice-President supports the President in his duties and can accept some part of President’s duties. He/she can carry out the duties of President in the case of his/her absence or illness.


Article 47: Board of Directors


47-1: Composition and responsibilities

Board of directors composes of President, Vice-President, Secretary General and maximum four members. The meetings of Board of Directors are organized in emergency cases.

Article 48: Decision Making Process

Any taken decision by the Board of Directors, must be sent for executive committee in its soonest possible time.

Article 49: Board of Directors

The meetings of Board of Directors will be held in emergency cases to adopt the necessary decisions. It composes of President, Vice-President and one member. Secretary General can attend the meeting with an advice-giving role.

Article 50: Decision Making Process

Each decision taken by the Board of Directors must be reported to the Executive Committee in its soonest possible time. The Executive Committee shall hold its meeting for urgent cases and vote to the decisions taken by board of directors.


Article 51: Technical Committee

Head of committee and four members are elected by GA.


51-1: Quorum

At least three members of the Committee shall attend the meetings till the meetings will be official. Voting is used for making the decisions. In the case of equality in voting procedure, decision of head of committee shall finalize the matter.

51-2: Duties

Technical committee is responsible for following duties:

·             Responding to all technical questions and solving the concerned problems

·             Providing the technical rules and regulations for the events to be approved by the Executive Committee and GA

·             Organizing the coaching and refereeing courses

·             Making decisions on urgent technical problems and reporting to executive committee

·             Providing the reports for GA

·             Technical committee is responsible for all technical issues of competitions

51-3: Meetings

Technical committee must hold at least one meeting per year.

51-2: The agenda and head of the meeting shall be determined by head of committee.

51-3: The minutes of meetings shall be provided in English and sent to the committee members and executive committee.

51-4: The national federations shall pay the expenses of their delegates who are the members of technical committee.

Article 52: Secretary General

President of WASF appoints the Secretary General from his own country and issues his assignment letter.


Article 53: Duties of Secretary General

Secretary General is responsible for all executive issues of WASF. He must follow up the GA and Executive committee issues and decisions will not be in contrary with WASF objectives.

Article 54: WASF Administration

54-1: All members of WASF secretariat are appointed by President.

54-2: Directors of WASF can attend the congress and executive committee with permission of President without right of vote.


Article 55: Validity

55-1: All correspondences of WASF shall be signed by the President and Treasurer of WASF to be valid.

55-2: Current correspondences shall be made by the signature of WASF President.



Chapter 8: Rewards and Merit Awards


Article 53: Rewards and Merit Awards

General Assembly can offer the merit award to the individuals recommended by the executive board for their competencies merits.


Article 54: Honorary President

General Assembly can award the title of Honorary President to the former Presidents of WASF based on the recommendation of Executive Board.


Article 55: Rewards

The rewards are given by the General Assembly to the beneficiaries of title within the congress.


Article 56: Award Beneficiaries

The award beneficiaries are allowed to attend the general assembly meetings and other concerned official events of the GA.



Chapter 9: Financial Contracts

Article 57:

The financial year of WASF begins from 1st of January and ends on 31 December.


Article 58: Financial Reports and Budget

Treasurer is responsible for preparing and submitting the yearly financial reports and balances to the General Assembly. If the budget is approved the treasurer and secretary general are the responsible individuals for budget controlling process.

Article 59: Auditing

Secretary General and Treasurer are responsible for all financial affairs based on the official rules and regulations approved by the executive board and general assembly.

The accounts which are open based on the approval of executive board shall be inspected by the official inspectors of WASF.

The appointed inspectors shall inspect the accounts and provide the auditing reports.

Article 60: Officials activities

WASF officials shall work voluntary but they can receive the salary in the case of President’s approval.


Article 61: Reimbursement of expenses

All expenses due to the official missions of executive board members and subcommittees shall be borne by the WASF.


Article 62: Annual Membership Fee

62-1: Member Federations are obliged to pay the annual fee to WASF in amount of 500 US dollars. Membership fees shall be paid in US dollar currency.

62-2: The amount of membership fee may be increased by general assembly for two years, in accordance with economical conditions.

62-3: All new members are obliged to pay the annual fee entirely, regardless the time within a financial year their membership is approved.


Article 63: Membership payment deadline

All membership must be paid by 31st of March per year.


Article 64: TV Rights and other rights

All rights including the marketing, advertising, sponsorship, using of logos and other symbols are the exclusive assets of WASF. All incomings through advertising, marketing, sponsorship, using the logos and symbols must be divided between the host country and WASF based on the signed contract.

64-1: All bidding countries for hosting the WASF events are obliged to establish the modest relationship with WASF and respect to all articles of contracts.



Chapter 10: Official Competitions of WASF

Article 65: Official Competitions of WASF are as follows:

1.     West Asian Games

2.     West Asian Juniors and Seniors Team and Individual Championships

3.     Other approved events by executive board of WASF (Squash Leagues, Round main competitions, Universities and Schools events)

Article 66: Conditions for organizing the WASF official events

61-1: West Asian Championship

a)     The team competitions are held, if at least, 3 team from 3 different countries have been attended the event.

b)    Individual competitions are held if at least 5 player from 3 different countries have been attended the event.

66-2: Rewards

a)     The rewards of Junior and senior champions shall be determined by the general assembly one year prior to the events.


66-3: Visas

The hosting countries are obliged to provide the entry visas for all participant teams and officials in its due time. Otherwise, in case of existing of any problem for visas issuing of the teams, WASF can cancel the event.


66-4: Exceptional issues

In all exceptional issues and matters, Executive Committee shall make the final decision.



66-5: Organizing Costs and Expenses

All financial issues due to organizing of the event shall be determined in the contracts signed between the hosting countries and WASF.

Article 67: Other Events and Competitions

For more promotion and development of Squash in the region or for more benefits, it is possible the WASF will organize some other events considering the continental and international status of Squash.


Article 68: Continental Events

The WASF events and competitions are held based on the ASF and NSAs rules and regulations.

Article 69:Inter-Federations Competitions and Responsibilities

The member Federation may organize the inter-federations events based on the WASF and NSA rules and regulations. All referees and coaches may participate in such kind of events in the case of their NA’s approval. The participating countries are responsible for all attended players, referees and coaches.

Article 70: Nationality of Squash Players and Referees

70-1:Each participating player and referee in WASF events must bear his own country’s nationality.

70-2: Changing the Nationality

NSA’s rules and regulations shall be applied for changing the nationality.


This Statute has been approved in first meeting of West Asian Squash Federation held on 12 May 2013 in Tehran and from this date is entered into force.