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Opening of a squash complex

(2020-07-21 12:12:00 - 16 View)

Inauguration of the Persian Gulf squash hall in Birjand by the Minister of Sports

   According to the iran Squash Federation’s public relation report, Dr. Masoud Soltanifar, Minister of Sports and Youth inaugurated 4 International Squash Courts called Persian Gulf in Birjand .today along with other deputies and high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Sports and with the presence of the Governor of South Khorasan Province and provincial officials and the media

With the opening of this complex in Birjand and with the redoubled and tireless efforts of the chairman of the provincial squash board, Engineer Ali Ghani, and with the care of the governor and the director general of sports at the time when our country is under the most oppressive economic sanctions and conditions caused by the Corona virus,  their services to this sport in the eastern region of the country can no longer be hidden from any small owner. And Birjand was proposed as an important center for this sport in Iran.