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President of the World Squash Federation: On behalf of the WSF Executive Board ,I Would like to the offer congratulation on the building of a squash complex Persian Gulf


 Masoud Soleimani 

Iran Squash Federation 
22 July 2020
Dear Mr. President, 
On behalf of the WSF Executive Board, I would like to offer congratulations on the building of the Persian Gulf Squash Centre and Iran Squash Office in Birjand. 
In these unprecedent times, it was extraordinary to receive such positive news that will aid the global development of our wonderful sport. 
Our sport has experienced a continuous growth in your country, evidence of the legitimacy of your strategy, and it is very encouraging to see the potential of squash in this part of the world 
You can rely on the unwavering support of the WSF to further accompany your development and I look forward to meeting you at your 2020 Annual General Meeting scheduled in Monaco, in December. 
Yours sincerely 
World Squash Federation